Utlärda danser 2006.Line Of Steel

Fortsättning Nybörjare
Kill The Spiders Take The First Step
Irish Stew Little White Moon
Stich It Up Lindi Shuffle
Buy Me A Drink D.H.S.S
Make It Up The Memory Cha Cha
Cha Cha Grove Cowboy Charleston
Pop Da Booty Country Walkin
Alligator Rock Irish Stew
Jái Du Boogie Buy Me A Drink
Don´t Feel Like Dancing Honky Tonk Stomp
My Greek No 1 Just A Minute
Lover Boy Live Laugh Love
Picknik Polka
Trickle Trickle
It`s A Country Thing
Wave On Wave
EZ Shuffle
Yabba Dabba Do
Mini Marianna
Sweet 16
Black Coffe
Haley´s Medley
Live Laugh Love
Drift Away Cha Cha
Cadillac Baby